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Historical overview

The Electric Power System of Armenia and the Role of ‘’High Voltage Electric Networks’’ CJSC



The first 110 kV high-voltage transmission line was launched in Armenia in 1932, as a result of which was established the power system of Armenia. A number of electric power plants built during that period of time established a unified electrical network and ran in parallel operation mode.


As a result of the implementation of large-scale projects aimed at the development and commissioning of Hydro Power plants, Thermal Power plants and nuclear energy, the energy of Armenia became key unit of the unified and complete power system in the Soviet Union and in 1963 Armenia was considered to be the first completely electrified Republic in the Soviet Union. The first and only “Armenian Nuclear Power Plant’’ CJSC of the region was built in Soviet Armenia.


In the first decade of it’s independence, Armenia went through energy crisis (1992-1995) and the energy field privatization process. The power system of Armenia was divided into generation, transmission and distribution systems. Today, the existing generation plants in Armenia are “Armenian Nuclear Power Plant’’ CJSC, two hydro cascades - Sevan-Hrazdan and Vorotan, about 173 small HES (with a generating capacity of up to 10MW).


At present “High Voltage Electric Networks’’ CJSC performs the function of electric power transmission, and “Electric Networks of Armenia’’ CJSC implements electric power distribution.


“Operator of Electric Power System’’ CJSC performs the operative technological and economic regulation of the electric power system, functions of the electric power system (production, import, export, transit), as well as ensures the parallel work with the regional electric power system of the Republic of Armenia.


The Computing Center CJSC carries out the calculations of electricity and its capacity in the wholesale electric power market.

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