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08.07.2019 | During the meeting the process of rehabilitation project of “Vanadzor-1” and “Ashnak” substations has been discussed


Directors of “High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC and the rehabilitation project Contractor - Chinese “Xian Electric Engineering” Company have discussed the details of rehabilitation works being implemented in 220kV/110kV/10KV “Ashnak” and 110/10/6kV “Vanadzor-1” substations. The purpose of this project, being implemented in the frameworks of “Electricity Transmission Network Improvement” and “Electricity Supply Reliability project, Additional Financing” loan projects financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) is to replace physically and morally worn and obsolete equipment of the substations, increase the electricity transmission network reliability, minimize the amount of emergency outages caused by the equipment failure and reduce operating/commissioning costs.


The general director of “High Voltage Electric Networks” Close Joint Stock Company has mentioned, that “Vanadzor-1” and “Ashnak” substations have strategic significance for Armenia’s energy system. According to his speech the Contractor should properly use favorable weather conditions, accelerate the paces of the rehabilitation works of the substations and ensure their due completion by the end of 2019.


The director of “Xian Electric Engineering” company Jang Chong in his turn has mentioned, that the quality of implementing works is crucial for them and they foresee to complete the rehabilitation of the substations within the defined deadline.


Summing up the meeting, the parties have recorded that regularly organized meetings and discussions will contribute to increase the efficiency of the works and the quick solution of the raised problems.


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