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24.10.2019 | Inauguration of “Haghtanak” substation took place


The inauguration of 220/110/10kV “Haghtanak” substation of “High Voltage Electric Networks” CJSC took place on 24th of October with participation of Prime Minister of RoA, Nikol Pashinyan.


The reconstruction works of “Haghtanak” substation commissioned in 1988 commenced from July, 2016. For its successful implementation it was invested over USD 14 million dollars. The works have been carried out within the frameworks of “Electricity supply reliability project additional financing” founded by International Bank of Reconstruction and development.


In his opening remarks, Minister of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure Suren Papikyan, highlighted the role and benefit of large-scale projects in the energy sector implemented by the World Bank support for the reliability increase of Armenia's energy system.


The Minister noted: "Today we are witnessing the completion of another project in the energy sector of Armenia relaunching of "Haghtanak" substation implemented by the support of the World Bank amounting over USD 14 million. This substation is important for providing reliable electricity supply to the south-western part of Yerevan, as well as to a number of settlements in the Armavir region of the Republic of Armenia". He mentioned that during the reconstruction, the 220/10kV “Haghtanak” substation has become 220/110/10kV key substation and a new 110kV Switchyard was built. Two transformers with the capacity of 63 and 20MWA of the substation have been replaced with autotransformers of 125MWA capacity, a SCADA system has been installed.


The Minister also noted that as a result of the implemented works the reliability of the electricity supply to the consumers of downtown and southern regions of Yerevan will be increased, the number of emergency shutdowns caused by the equipment failure will be reduced and operating costs will be lessened. Suren Papikyan thanked the parties for their active support during the implementation of the project - the World Bank, “High Voltage Electric Networks” company staff, General Contractor “Kaskad-Energy” company, Project Consultant “Decon/Consulectra” Joint Venture as well as the staff of subcontractor organizations.


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