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Lot 1 - Ddmashen Substation (Design & Construction of 400 /220kV Ddmashen Substation)

CEN (Caucasus Energy Network)

Invitation for Pre-Qualification

Country   Armenia

Project name


Caucasus Energy Network

Lot 1 - Ddmashen Substation

Design & Construction of 400 /220kV Ddmashen Substation

Ref. no.   BMZ No: 2007 66 352
Funding Source   KfW

KfW Procurement Number:

Employer    “High Voltage Electric Networks’’ Closed Joint Stock Company (HVEN CJSC)
General Director - Hayk Harutyunyan
0084 Armenia, Z. Andranik Str.1, Yerevan
Tel: + 374 60380001


publication date:

Submission Deadline

  31.07.2020 at 12:00p.m. (AMT-Armenian time)
Language:   English

One (1) original Application and two (2) copies of the Application shall be submitted to the Implementation Consultant.

Consultant Address:

Fichtner GmbH & Co. KG 

Sarweystrasse 3 , 70191 Stuttgart ,Germany 

Two (2) copies of the Application shall be submitted to the Employer.

Employer Address:  

“High Voltage Electric Networks’’ CJSC

0084 Armenia, Z. Andranik Str.1, Yerevan, Armenia

Brief description of requested services

Independent Applicants are invited to submit Pre-Qualification Documents (in accordance with KfW Guidelines) to participate in the tender process for the design and construction of the 400/220 kV Ddmashen (air insulated) Substation in Armenia on a turnkey basis. The scope of work shall include the design, manufacturing, delivery, installation, commissioning and acceptance testing of the equipment to be installed and the entire substation in every respect and suitable for satisfactory operation. The period foreseen for the completion of the Works is 30 months followed by a 24-months defects notification period.

The Employer expects interested Applicants to request the Prequalification documents via Email at




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