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«High Voltage Electric Networks» Closed Joint Stock Company is established based on the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia N 450 dated 20.07.1998. In the course of its activity, the Company is governed by the Civil Code of the Republic of Armenia, the Law of the Republic of Armenia «On Joint-Stock Companies», the Law of the Republic of Armenia «On Energy», other laws of the Republic of Armenia, the Activity license issued to the Company, and other legal acts.
The Company is a for-profit commercial organization.

The Company, with the 220/110 kV electric network on its balance sheet, provides electricity (power) transmission services to the distribution network in the internal territory of the RA, maintains and operates the transmission network, provides services to the distribution network, maintains and operates the transmission network, transmits electric energy owned by itself and (or) the importer(s) and (or) distributor and (or) consumers and (or) exporter through the transmission network, as well as transmission of electric energy to the third countries, provides planned and unplanned maintenance and state calibration of
meters owned or under its management, performs design works of energy facilities, carries out construction of high-voltage power transmission lines, engaged in the construction and reconstruction of energy facilities in the territory of RA at the expense of borrowed, grant and own funds provided by the International donor organizations within the framework of government and state investment projects.The main directions of the Companys activities are transmission of electric energy (power), generation of electricity through wind power plants, construction of high-voltage energy facilities and power transmission lines, maintenance and operation of the transmission network, expansion and development of the transmission network, implementation of other functions defined by the Companys charter, implementation of market liberalization functions.

Fifteen 220kV and 110kV substations (with a total capacity of 2561 MVA), one 220kV «Agarak» switching point, which is being reconstructed as 220/110/6kV «Agarak-2» substation, as well as 330, 220 and 110kV overhead transmission lines (with a total length of 1914.7km) and «Lori» wind power plant with a capacity of 2.64MW are counted on the balance sheet of HVEN CJSC.

Reliable partner, reliable system

Credit and grant programs

Caucasus Transmission Network I-III (Armenia-Georgia Transmission Line/Substations) Project, financed by KfW Bank

“ Electricity Transmission Network Improvement’’ Loan Project Reconstruction of 220/110/6 kV «Ararat-2» substation

“Electricity Supply Reliability Project - Additional financing” LoanProject Reconstruction of “Vanadzor-1”, “ Charentsavan-3 ” “Zovuni” substations

“Construction of Iran-Armenia 400kV Power Transmission Line and Related Substation” (400/220/20kV «Noravan»)» Project


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